Ruth's Waterfalls
of the Finger Lakes, Rochester, and Ithaca, NY.

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What's New

20-Aug-00 Added Papermill Falls of Conesus Creek
Added Stone Falls, our nomination for “Most Symmetrical Waterfall”
Added Poison Ivy picture as a public service

Added Search button
Added waterfalls in Wales: Crickhowell, Swallow Falls, Ystradfellte Waterfalls Animation or Interaction on this page


Changed status of Buttermilk Falls, Leroy, to Private
New pictures for Rochester Falls of the Genesee Animation or Interaction on this page
Added Eternal Flame Falls (Erie County) Animation or Interaction on this page


Added Turning Point Park (2 waterfalls)
Added new pictures to Densmore Creek Animation or Interaction on this page and Niagara Rapids
Rescanned Ice Maiden picture
Added Niagara Falls
Added newspaper articles about Whiteman Gull and Ruth's Waterfalls


Added Waterfalls WebRing to Home page
Added Slug Creek Animation or Interaction on this page
Added Corbett's Glen
Updated County Line Falls Animation or Interaction on this page
Added Henrie Gully
Added Letchworth Falls of the Genesee
Added School 7 Gully
Added Wolf Creek

2-Jan-00 Links page updated; added link to Falzguy's Help Improve Niagara Falls page
Ruth's waterfalls is Y2K compliant, Happy New Year!
20-Nov-99 Added McCloud Falls, Scotland
Added Beesula Falls, Ireland
12-Nov-99 Added Holley Canal Falls
Added Palmyra Canal Lock
9-Nov-99 Added Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
4-Nov-99 Added Twin Cascade, Massachusetts
31-Oct-99 Added pictures to County Line Falls
Added Keuka Lake Outlet
Added Lick Brook
22-Oct-99 We have a new domain name:
Added several new links
Added pictures to Buttermilk Falls of Leroy
Added Clifton Falls of Cayuga County
Added County Line Falls
Updated Grimes Glen
Added Hole in the Rock Falls
Added Linear Park
Added Lockport Canal Falls
Added McMillan Creek
Added Medina Falls
Added Niagara Rapids
Added Seneca Point Creek
Added Silver Lake Outlet
Added Stony Brook Glen
Added Swan Hill Creek
Added Zoo Falls
Added other waterfalls: McElmo Creek, Treasure Falls, Uncompahgre Basin, and Yankee Boy Basin.
23-Aug-99 Added How High? article with on-line and downloadable Waterfall Height Calculator
18-Aug-99 Updated Briggs, Chimney Bluffs, Clarks, Conklin.
Added "How High is this waterfall?" to Fall Brook Falls
Added Johnson Falls with cool "How High" feature
5-Jul-99 Updated Waipio Valley and added Pu'u 'O'o volcano
30-Jun-99 Added Whiteman Gully - Upper
Updated Whiteman Gully - Lower
Updated Map with new links
23-Jun-99 Added Montville Falls
Added Morganville Falls
Added Devils Bedroom
17-May-99 Updated Waterpocket Fold
Added Upper Calf Creek Falls, Cave Point, and Phipps Wash
Added Menteth Falls
Added pictures to Rochester Lower Falls
Added picture and text to Hector Falls
6-Apr-99 Updated Barnes Gully with new pictures and text.
3-Apr-99 Fixed errors in Rochester Falls of the Genesee following a visit with Scott Ensminger
1-Apr-99 Added Waterpocket Fold
31-Mar-99 Added link to Scott Ensminger
Added Rochester Falls of the Genesee
18-Mar-99 Added Waipio Valley, Hawaii.
Added What's New page.
Updated the "About our Logo" page