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On the Deerfield River in the town of Shelburne Falls in northwestern Massachusetts.


Public viewing access from the end of Deerfield Avenue in the center of the town of Shelburne Falls.


This is a wonderful New England town for an extensive walking tour including the downtown shops, falls, and Bridge of Flowers. There are lots of hiking opportunities in the area.


The Shelburne Falls is now blocked by a dam with a small hydroelectric plant. The exposed portion of the old waterfall is a fantastic landscape of erosion in the multicolored granite which is called the "Potholes." This erosion occurred during the last ice age when the river was confined beneath the glacier. Today, you can see dozens of potholes ranging in size from a dishpan to a swimming pool.

Update July, 2003

According to Joe Bushee of Greenfield, MA, " In the fall of 2002 the town of Shelburne Falls restricted public access to the falls and potholes due to liability concerns. You now are only able to view the falls from the road. Unfortunately, you now can’t see the potholes, as the area has been closed to the public in the wake of a fatality there last year. You now are only permitted to view the falls from the parking lot of the Mole Hollow Candle Co."

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