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Location High Tor, northeast of Naples about 3 miles
Access High Tor Game Management Area. Take route 245 northeast out of Naples about 4 miles.  Then take the first left road after Parish Rd. that crosses West River and go to West Ave.  Park in the parking lot at the intersection or travel west on West Ave. to a dirt road entrance and parking area just west of the gully.
Hiking 2-4 hours. Moderate to Difficult. This is one of the best gullies in the region with more than 900' of total elevation fall over a length of about 2 miles. It has great variety with sheer falls and long cascades.
Details The first set of falls were easier to climb with our instep crampons. But we've seen many folks do it with sneakers or hiking shoes.   We've used a rope to help some folks during the descent. . 

There are two large falls (>60') at the top half of the gully.  The climb to the base of the first large falls and the return will take you about 2 hours and is a good hike. There are several smaller falls and long cascades along the way to enjoy. If you scramble up the steep hill around the first high falls in order to get to the second and last high falls you will easily add another 2 hours to your trip. You can continue all the way to the top where the stream crosses South Hill Rd and return via the road. Or, about 200 yards above the upper falls, look for a primitive trail leading at an angle up the hill to the left. At the top of the fin-like ridge you should find a well-worn trail that will take you to the road.