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Location On unnamed stream flowing into the West River tributary of Canandaigua Lake in Yates County
Access Private
Hiking We hiked into the gully near the top and walked upstream to Waterfall A, about 8 feet high. We then hiked down the stream to Waterfall B (6 feet) and beyond encountering numerous small waterfalls (2-5 feet) and cascades. There may be additional waterfalls in the lower part of the gully but we didn't get to them since it was getting late.
Details We visited this pretty gully in early spring when there was still ice in the stream even though the air temperature was in the 60s. This is a deep, narrow gully with some ice dams and log jams and the going was slow. 

We collapsed several small ice dams as we walked down the stream releasing bathtub-sized pools of water. We gave more than passing thought to the possibility of a flash flood from the spontaneous collapse of any of the several larger ice dams we saw. We had just read the story of the Saxeten canyoneering tragedy and so were aware of this danger -- even in these small, friendly gullies -- during melt weather.