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Montville Falls
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Decker Creek Falls
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IMPORTANT UPDATE We have received the following information as of 9/9/2019: The entire creek and surrounding area is privately owned. There is no public fishing access to the property. There is no parking or public access from the cemetery or the old mill.
The access information from 2005 below may be incorrect. Do not enter this waterfall unless you check access for yourself.
Location On Dresserville Creek in the hamlet of Montville, town of Moravia, Cayuga County. Dresserville Creek and Decker Creek join to form Mill Creek just below Montville falls.


Public fishing access on Mill Creek. There is a nice view of the falls from a foot path along the south rim of the gorge which is accessible from the beautiful St Patricks and Indian Mound Cemetary on Route 38. To access the gorge, follow a road to the north at the bottom of the hill on Route 38 to a parking lot behind an old mill. Then hike up the stream.
Hiking Moderate, depending on water level. This is a good sized stream. When we were there, the water was high but not flooding, and crossing the stream was a wet proposition. Steep banks on both sides make hiking in the stream necessary at several places. The hike from the parking lot to the branch is about 1/4 mile. The Decker Creek falls are about 1/4 mile above the branch, the Montville Falls about 100 yards above the branch.
Details We visited three waterfalls. We hiked up the north (left) branch of Mill Creek which is called Decker Creek for about 1/4 mile to two adjacent waterfalls, 9' and 6'. We then returned and hiked up the south (right) branch which is called Dresserville Creek a short distance to the base of Montville Falls. This is a really impressive, large waterfall with a main plunge of about 60 feet, a short shelf, and then a steep, 12' cascade. From the Route 38 highway bridge you can also see two smaller falls (5-7') above the main falls on Dresserville Creek, and you can see the crest of the main falls. But you really need to hike in from below to see this waterfall.