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Location On Mill Creek near Dansville in Livingston County. Mill Creek flows via Canaseraga Creek into the Genesee River.
Access Public fishing stream. You can see the crest of the falls from a bridge on a side road off of Stones Falls Rd. Access to the stream below the falls is through private property or via the creek from the bridge on Stones Falls Rd which crosses the creek about 1/2 mile downstream from the falls.
Hiking We had a fairly difficult hike up the creek from the Stones Falls Rd. bridge, due mainly to the high water level with a wet summer and rain earlier in the week. The falls themselves look impassable without technical climbing

This is a pretty wild gully that doesn't get much traffic. The banks of the gully around the falls are vertical and the vegetation is extremely thick. If you enter through the private property above the falls, you will have to go downstream several hundred yards before you can get down into the gully.

Stone Falls is about 28 feet high and is our nomination for "Most Symmetrical Waterfall" in our region. There is a 4' drop about 100 yards downstream from the main fall.

And, yes. It's Stone Falls accordng to the USGS and Stones Falls Rd. according to the road sign. But according to Falzguy... neither is correct.

UPDATE From Benjamin P., 23-Jul-2007

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