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Location On Sheldon Creek in Wyoming County


Hiking Easy to the first waterfall, then difficult to the base of the main waterfall. It is a short walk down the stream to the first fall below the bridge. With some care, you can scramble down this first fall and then over a series of cascades to the crest of the main fall a short distance away. The main fall is pretty impressive with an overhanging crest. We found an obvious but very difficult way down on the left facing downstream. We used a rope for safety since this is a fairly serious drop. Once down, it is a short easy walk down the stream to the lower falls.
Details We visited Johnson Falls at the peak of the 1999 drought and the water was quite low. This must be an impressive waterfall with water in the creek. Within less than 1/4 mile, there are three waterfalls on this good-sized stream with a total fall of 120 feet.
Rant Unfortunately the low water made the extensive litter we found all the more unpleasant. We spent over an hour picking up and hauled out more than 150 bottles, cans, cardboard cartons, and other trash. It always amazes us that people will go the the trouble of carrying a full case of beer to a beautiful place and then not be willing to carry the empty cans out. And it dismays us that people will leave a beautiful place like this totally trashed. We hope that the Canyon Monster will find these people and haunt their dreams.