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Location High Tor Wildlife Management Area,  about 2 miles northeast of Naples.
Access High Tor Game Management Area. Park on the first bend of Parish Hill Road just south of route 245 as it heads northeast out of Naples.
Hiking Easy to moderate difficulty. This walk can be as long or short as you wish. We spent about 4 hours climbing the entire length of the gully. You can climb this gully with good sneakers/or tevas. We wear small instep crampons in both winter and summer..
Details This gully is well known by the locals so you may encounter other hikers along the way.  There are several falls and pools with a large waterfall at the top of the gully. The hillside next to the highest falls at the top is steep and requires vigorous scrambling skills. You can exit the gully on the east side and walk back on a side path or simply retrace your steps back to Parish Road.