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Location On Allens Creek, a tributary of Irondequoit Creek in the town of Brighton, Monroe County. See Map.

The 18 acre Corbett’s Glen Nature Park is a public park that is owned by the Town of Brighton, and includes waterfalls, meadows, wetlands, woodlands, and steep slopes. The Town of Brighton has developed trails and boardwalks throughout the park for public enjoyment.

DO NOT drive your car through the tunnel. You cannot proceed beyond the end of the tunnel and there is little room to turn around. Park on Glen Road just after you turn off of Linden Road and before you go down the hill and around the curve that leads to the tunnel (see Map). The area where you can park is clearly marked. It is only a short walk (100 yards) from there to the tunnel and then through the tunnel to the first waterfall.

Once through the tunnel, you will find the Corbett's Glen Nature Trail along the north side of Allens Creek It is a short walk (200 yards) to the second waterfall. Proceed beyond the waterfall to enter the magical meadow surrounded by glacial moraine that is Corbett's Glen.

Hiking Plan 30 minutes to an hour. There is a pleasant hike around the Corbett's Glen Nature Trail. Find the start just after you exit from the tunnel and stay on the north side of Allens Creek. Continue beyond the second falls into the Corbett's Glen meadow and then return on a branch trail to the left.
Details This place was recently involved in a controversy between developers wanting to build a new office park and neighbors and nature activists trying to prevent it. We believe that cooperation involving the Town of Brighton, a private land trust, and the developers, has resulted in an agreement that will protect and preserve this small park.

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