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Location Canandaigua Lake
Access County park
Hiking 2 hours. Moderate to difficult. Hike up the gully and back down along a nice trail. There is also a trail along the ridge of the gully that leads to an overlook deck. This latter hike takes about an hour round trip.

We parked in the Onanda Park parking lot on the north side of the gully. 

3 cascades, 10', 20', and 15'; several small falls. The main falls is 30' but you will have to go up to the left and around to rejoin the gully. The trail returns on the right side at the top of the gully.  Those taking the gully hike are unlikely to see the hikers along the ridge and vice versa.  On one occasion we hiked up the gully and back along the ridge.  To do this you will need to climb up a steep bank on the north side of the gully about 1/4 mile beyond the big falls and the spot where you can see the overlook deck above you.