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Location Wolf Creek, a tributary of the Genesee River, in Letchworth
Park, Wyoming County.
Access Public, Letchworth State Park. There is a park admission fee in the summer. Wolf Creek is 12.5 miles from the Mt. Morris entrance gate to the park. There is a large parking lot, picnic area, and walking trails in the area where Wolf Creek crosses Park Road.
Hiking There is extensive hiking on well maintained trails along the rim of the Genesee gorge. Cross the footbridge and follow the trail toward the river to overlook the main Wolf Creek Falls which is over 200 feet high in 3 stages. 
Details Our visit to Wolf Creek was in late November a few days before the start of hunting season. All during our hike, we could hear hunters getting ready (presumably target shooting and presumably outside the boundary of the park). We hiked the rim trail on both sides of the Wolf Creek falls to get a look at the Genesee River far below as well as the beautiful waterfall. From the Wolf Creek parking lot, it is an easy 3 mile hike (one way) on the rim trail to the Lower Falls of the Genesee.