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Location On unnamed stream flowing into the West River tributary of Canandaigua Lake in Yates County.
Access Private
Hiking We entered this gully at the top planning to hike the full length of it. but we were stymied by Mrs. Henrie Falls and a narrow, 60 foot deep gully with vertical walls. This is a very young gully and the sides are very steep and unstable. There were lots of signs of recent rock collapse. Being small and steep, the gully was free of debris and the walking was fairly easy as far as we went. We'll plan to return next spring (doesn't look like much water here in the summer) and bring our rope.
Details We found our way into this small gully on a hike looking for School 7 falls. We had left our maps home on the kitchen counter and were kind of feeling our way. This one is pretty unassuming on the topo map and we probably wouldn't have targeted it for a hike. But, we were very pleasantly surprised. It is a beautiful steep gully with a lovely long cascade and a dandy waterfall of 21 feet.