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Location Route 15A at the southern end of Hemlock Lake about 100 yards south of the County line.

Public watershed. You will need a permit on your person to hike in this gully because it is part of the Hemlock Lake watershed and Rochester water supply. A free permit and map can be obtained at anytime at the self-service kiosk near the park on the north end of Hemlock Lake. We simply stop there on our way to the Gully so that we are sure to have the permit with us. You can also download a copy of the permit from the City of Rochester. Please read the permit since it has some good rules for all gully hikes.

The upper part of the gully is on Private land. Please respect private landowner rights and do not proceed beyond the Posted signs.  

Park in the dirt lot on the eastern side of route 15a. You will see the entrance to the lot just beyond the bridge that goes over Reynolds Gully. You will know you are in the right spot if there is an entrance to Hemlock Lake immediately across the road. 

Hiking About 1 hours.
Details There are three primary falls and many cascades in this gully. Unfortunately however, the upper part of this gully is closed to public access and you may not proceed beyond the first waterfall. Don't miss County Line Falls in a parallel gully a short distance to the north.

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