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Location Chimney Bluffs is on the east side of Sodus Bay. This is not a waterfall, but it is a natural wonder! It is a glacial moraine which has been eroded into a series of knife-edge fingers.


From Rochester, take Route 104 east  toward Sodus.  Past Sodus, turn north onto Route 14 and go about .8 mile to a small hamlet of Alton and turn right so that you are going east on County Road 143.

Follow 143 for 5 miles until you reach Morell Road and turn left.

Follow Morrell Road 1.1 miles to Lummisville Rd. (Cty Rd 155) and turn left. Follow Lummisville Rd. 1 mile to East Bay Road and turn right and go north for 2.7 miles to the intersection of E. Bay Rd. and Garner Rd. Veer to the right on E. Bay Rd. and continue one mile to the shore of Lake Ontario.

There is a parking area at the end of the road. (Do not follow  E.Bay Road east along the shore)


Chimney Bluffs is a special treat. There are ways for young and old to enjoy the beauty of this park.

Sneakers are sufficient for navigating the paths along the shore or in the woods.

You will have many choices for hiking and plenty of vista spots for a picnic. Our favorite stopping places did not have picnic tables so take along your own ground cloth.

The full hike can be enjoyed either by following the cliff top for the first half and returning along the beach, or by following the beach for the first half and then returning on the path along the top of the hill.

In either case, be sure hike onto the bluffs between the fins.

The full circuit can be done in an hour but you can just as easily spend 2 hours or more by enjoying the side trips.

Other Details The shore is rocky but swimming is possible.