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Location Shh! We've decided not to reveal the location of this special waterfall. If you discover it on your own, we hope that you, too, will treasure it and keep its location to yourself.
Access Private
Hiking This is a difficult hike down an extremely steep gully with no trails. Once in the gully, the short hike to the falls was easy.

This is one of the most secluded and pristine waterfalls we have found. We saw virtually no signs of other hikers having visited here, only very faint game trails. Even the local hunters appear to have bypassed this place. The waterfall is totally hidden in a 200 foot deep gully more than a mile from the nearest road, and is not visible until you are less than 50 feet from its base.

The water falls 25 feet over the main drop to a perfectly flat ledge which is about 25 feet across and 10 feet wide. The water flows diagonally across the ledge to a smaller 5 foot cascade into large pool. Where the main drop of the falls hits the ledge, it has punched a hole into the rock which is almost 6 feet deep and about the size of a 4-person jacuzzi. For this feature, we have given this waterfall its name of Hole in the Rock Falls. We plan to revisit it on a hot day next summer.

We almost named this "Gall Bladder Falls" since one of our party had a gall bladder attack 8 hours after our visit here and ended up having it removed 36 hours later. It made us think a bit on the possibility of someone getting sick or hurt on one of these hikes and what we would need to do to get everyone out safely...