Ruth's Waterfalls
of the Finger Lakes, Rochester, and Ithaca, NY.

What's New

What's New?

22-Sep-10 Updated "OH Hell" score sheet and rules
1-Aug-10 Added Build a Trailhead Kiosk
27-May-08 Added "Sandbagging Ruth's Waterfall"
29-Dec-07 Added "Installation of Beaver Dam Drain"
17-Nov-06 Added Google Earth photo showing water level of Lake Powell near Waterpocket Fold
19-Sep-06 Read the story of "The Bridge at Ruth's Waterfalls" in 5 chapters.
1-Jul-06 Our Arch Canyon Reflection photo was used on Earth Science Picture of the Day
14-May-06 See Ruth's Waterfall at the Garden Conservancy Open Days, June 6, 2006
12-May-06 The Cat is gone.
4-May-06 Added Arch Canyon, Utah
6-Apr-06 Added Ruth's Waterfall postage stamp.
6-Jan-06 Added some non-waterfall illusions.
30-Nov-05 Updated Oh Hell! page with rules and example
Added Perpetual Calendar
17-Nov-05 Added What is this? page
12-Nov-05 Modified Upper Animas River airplane tour so that map scrolls automatically when you view the pictures
Added menu to top of each page
8-Oct-05 Added Carpenter's Falls
11-Sep-05 Our Comb Ridge photo was used on Earth Science Picture of the Day
3-Sep-05 Added Buttermilk Falls of Ithaca
1-Sep-05 Modified Taughannock Falls Rockfall page
28-Aug-05 Added Ithaca Dry at the height of the drought of 2005
Added VanBuskirk Gulf Falls
Added "The Cat" Fast Ferry, Rochester to Toronto
8-July-05 Added Comb Ridge - Utah
20-June-05 Added Upper Animas River, Colorado, including airplane tour
21-Feb-05 Added "THE GATES - New York City, 2005"
22-Jan-05 Added "Ithaca is not George's" page
Added "OH Hell" score sheet and rules
3-Jan-05 Added Frontenac Falls
17-Aug-04 Our photo of Tamolitch Falls ("The Blue Hole") was published on Earth Science Picture of the Day.
14-Jul-04 Added "Enechelon Glen" to our list of secret waterfalls
22-Jun-04 Added Kentucky Creek Hike (Kentucky Falls and North Fork Falls) - Oregon
Added Mckenzie River (Souhalie Falls, Koosah Falls, Tamolitch Falls) - Oregon
Added Salt Creek Falls - Oregon
Added Tumalo Falla - Oregon
Added McWay Falls - California
11-May-04 Added Fallingwater North
Added Glenwood Creek - Cass Park hike
28-Jan-04 Added Ice Climbing to Sixmile Creek
6-Jan-04 Our photo of the joint system at the base of Taughannock Falls was published on Earth Science Picture of the Day.
13-Dec-03 Our "Flock of Stars" photo was republished at Astronomy Picture of the Day.
25-Sep-03 New view of Ruth's Waterfall revealed in wake of disaster.
23-Jul-03 Added new pictures of Ruth's Waterfall: Fire and Water, Will's Way, and DISASTER!
18-Jul-03 Changed name of Ruth's(!) Waterfall to Ruth's Waterfall.
Update to Shelburne Falls
13-May-03 Added Big Falls, a private waterfall near Cayuga Lake.
24-Mar-03 Added "thaw" version to Lick Brook photos and photos from Finger Lakes Land Trust hike to Sweedler Preserve and Lick Brook
16-Mar-03 Added "A day in the life of Ruth's Waterfall" with animated GIF movies of the breakup of frozen waterall.
9-Mar-03 Added frozen Lick Brook
20-Feb-03 More frozen and refreezing Ruth's(!} Waterfall
Taughannock Creek hiking trails and Taughannock Falls
5-Feb-03 Winter visits fo Gulf Creek Upper Falls
Frozen Ruth's Waterfall at night
Refreezing Ruth's Waterfall by day
11-Nov-02 Revised Taughannock Falls, added Fall version and rockfall photos
29-Sep-02 Added Ithaca Falls
25-Sep-02 Patterson Gully is closed
Thanks, Isidore, for the waterfall food!
Added new pictures of Ludlowville Falls
20-Aug-02 Added image of dry Ruth's Waterfall.
Split the What's New page. See What's Not So New.
5-Aug-02 Added winter images to Taughannock Falls
Added Ithaca Falls
Added Whoodoos of Cascadilla Gorge
29-Jul-02 Added Sixmile Creek
Added Great Gully
Added explanation of number of arches on Crickhowell Bridge
Revised Rochester Falls of Genesee River: updated map, added Middle Falls , more pictures of Lower Falls
01-Jul-02 Added pronunciation of Taughannock Falls
22-June-02 Our website was featured in two local newspapers and referenced in The New York Times. See our Stuff page for links.
22-May-02 Added Hidden Falls to Gulf Creek
Added photos of spring, 2002 flood at Ruth's Waterfall
8-Feb-02 Added Eagle Cliff Falls
Added animated image of Pocket Falls, Gulf Creek
7-Jan-02 Added Taughannock Falls vertical panorama
18-Dec-01 Added Ruth's Waterfall at Night and Holiday Greetings.
5-Nov-01 Added Waterfall Food and Waterfall Sculpture.
5-Oct-01 One of our photos (not a Waterfall...) was accepted for publication at the Astronomy Picture of the Day. See our original photo here.
14-Jul-01 Added Ludlowville Falls
Added new pictures to Ruth's Waterfall
8-Jul-01 Added Gulf Creek.
3-Jul-01 Added maps to Excelsior Glen and Eggleston Glen at suggestion of L & N.
15-Mar-01 Updated Turning Point Falls with name information.
12-Dec-00 Added culvert picture to Ruth's Waterfall
21-Oct-00 Added Ruth's(!) Waterfall
15-Oct-00 Added Waterfall Illusion page
Updated Copyright page and joined WebGuard
10-Sep-00 Added Warsaw Falls and The Cascades of Attica, both in Wyoming County
30-Aug-00 Updated Whiteman Gully Lower and Upper (2 more falls)
Updated Chimney Bluffs
For earlier changes, see What's Not So New.