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Location On a tributary of Irondequoit Bay in Monroe County. See Map.
Access Probably Private
Hiking It is a short scramble from the south end of the Densmore Road bridge to the waterfall. You will need to cross to the north side of the stream to approach the waterfall.

We learned of this waterfall from Dick Adamus whom we encountered on a hike in the northern part of Ellison Park. Dick said,

"Find Densmore Road on the north of Norton Street, the stream flows east to Irondequoit Bay. The Waterfalls is east of Densmore Road. It cuts through Thorold Sandstone, Maplewood shale and into Medina Sandstone at the falls itself. The area used to be farm land, but there are many private home there now so I'm not sure of the access. I remember the area from forty years ago."