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Location Southwestern Utah
Access We drove to Bullfrog and hired one of the marina workers to drop us off on the far side of Lake Powell. We went early in the year when the lake is still low, there was water in all of the waterpockets, and there wasn't anyone around for miles. For three days, we didn't see as much as a rowboat on the lake although there was plenty of evidence of last year's crowd in the first 50 feet from the shoreline.
Hiking The big problem with hiking here is the scale of this place. Our inability to comprehend the horizontal scale was compounded by lots of vertical "variety," and what we thought would be short walk to a high spot for some photos turned out to be a full day hike. We did three hikes, one up each side of the drainage on which we camped and one up the center between the two branches of the drainage. Each hike had a delightful combination of the new and the familiar. The familiar was the long view and the sedimentation layers we encountered on each hike, and the new was the endless variety of wind and water erosion and the way animal and plant life formed continuous gardens to complement the rock.

It's hard to get into details about this big-picture place. It is probably the finest slickrock walking you will find anywhere with enough variety in a simple 3 hour hike to range from easy to quite technical. We liked it because each member of our group could choose the level of challenge at each stage of the walk.

Take water purification (we use iodine since it's simple, lightweight, and safe) and avoid the summer months. Do not take jalapeno cheese and peanut butter.

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