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Menteth Roadside Falls
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Deuel Rd. Bridge Falls
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Location A tributary of Canadaigua lake in Ontario county.




We've gone in from the Deuel Rd. bridge off of Route 21 just south of Cheshire and from W. Lake Rd at Menteth Point. You can see the "Roadside Falls" from Route 21 just south of Deuel Rd.

Hiking Easy to Moderate. We've walked upstream a short distance from W. Lake Rd. to the lower main falls, but didn't feel like scrambling around the falls on private property although it looked technically doable. We've also hiked down the gully from the Deuel Rd. bridge to the crest of the main falls, and then returned to Deuel Rd. by crossing private land on a farm lane (4 miles round trip).
Details This is a pretty gully with a good sized stream. We counted four waterfalls on the main stream and four small waterfalls entering from the side. Of the four tributary waterfalls, three are shown as perennial streams on the USGS map. There is a northern branch which we estimated to be about 2/3 of the flow of the southern branch which flows through the village of Cheshire and enters about 1/4 mile below the Duell Rd. Bridge. We didn't explore this branch for waterfalls.
Menteth Gully "C"
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Confluence with north branch
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Menteth Gully "D"
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Menteth Gully "E"
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Menteth Falls
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Menteth Falls

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