Grimes Glen

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Location On Grimes Creek, a tributary of Naples Creek and Canandaigua Lake in Naples, Ontario County

Public access. The Finger Lakes Land Trust and Ontario County are in the process of acquiring this wonderful place.

Take Route 21 into the village of Naples, N.Y.  Turn north onto Vine Street and continue until it comes to a dead end and a dirt parking lot with a small picnic area. The parking lot is at the end of a residential street. Please use consideration for the neighbors when parking and using the picnic area. Vine Street is marked and there is a small wooden sign  located  at the corner of Vine Street and Route 21 that points to Grimes Glen.

Hiking You can hike the initial portion of this trail using the dirt path on the western side of the creek or you can simply walk up the shallow creek.  You will eventually end up walking in the stream because the dirt path ends close to the first waterfall.  If you continue upstream past the first falls to the second falls  you will need to scramble up the hillside in order to get the the third falls. We've been told there are still more falls beyond but we've not hiked them.  
Details This is a well known hike in Naples and publicly accessible. Like all other hikes, we take plastic bags so we can pick up the cans and bottles along the way.