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Location In Turning Point Park, Rochester, Monroe County, NY. This small park is at the end of Boxart Street which is off of Lake Avenue in the northern part of Rochester. See Map
Access County park with maintained biking and walking trails leading to the vicinity of the falls.
Hiking It is a short walk to either of these falls, although a visit both will be close to 2 miles. Hiking is on a paved bike path to visit Turning Point South, and on a paved bike path or dirt trail to visit Turning Point North. It is an easy hike to visit the top of these falls. The scramble down to the base of either is extremely steep and can be muddy and slippery.

There are two waterfalls here. To visit Turning Point South, follow the bike path south from the parking lot for about 250 yards. Look for a path to the left down through the bushes to a dirt path which is parallel to the bike path and about 20 feet lower. You can see the waterfall from this dirt path.

To visit Turning Point North, follow a utility road north from the parking lot. Where the river widens to form the Turning Point Basin, follow a trail to the left and follow the rim of the cliff above the river until you get to the waterfall, about 1/4 mile.

Both waterfalls are about 30 feet high and both, unfortunately, are littered with trash.

Thanks to "Scottm" for the following:

I am an outdoor person who grew up in the Boxart Street area as a kid. Now I spend my time in the High Peaks area, but I go down to Turning Point on the weekends to walk, exersize the dog, and some occasional Summertime night fishing for 'cats'. For as long as I remember, and from what the previous generations told us, the 'North' falls were always called "Brown Falls", for the brown bedrock, and the southern falls were obviously "Red Falls" for the red clay bedrock they tumble over. I just met a woman who grew up there as a kid back in the 40's and she' knew them both as Brown and Red Falls.

And to Richard Waterhouse for:

The north falls is Red Falls, the south is Brown Falls.

And to "anonymous" for:

... regarding Turning Point Park I think ScottM is correct. The notes contradict each other. I've head the south falls referred to as Red Rock Falls or Bullock's Falls. I don't know the name of the north falls.