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Location Oatka Creek near LeRoy NY.  Park on the bend of North Street just east of  Route 19 going north out of LeRoy.

Abandoned railway giving access to public fishing stream.

Update July, 2000: Private We have received informal information to the effect that this waterfall is now owned by a gravel company. We also heard that someone was killed here within the past few months. Visitors are reportedly quite unwelcome but we have not verified this information. You will have to check the status of this waterfall for yourself.

Driving time 40 minutes
Hiking We took a short walk down the railway right-of-way to the bridge over Oatka Creek.(20 minutes). On other visits, and for a more dramatic first view, we followed a trail on the north side of the railroad bed about 150 yards from the road. We viewed the falls from several places on either side of the stream. We used the railroad bridge to cross the stream; we didn't try to cross in the stream because the current near the falls is too dangerous. There is a primitive path down to the base of the falls on the west side (this added another 30 minutes to our adventure).
Details We have visited this falls during several seasons and it is different every time. Out best visits have been just after a heavy rainstorm. The vegetation at the base of the falls is fairly dense but we descended in early spring and were not be bothered by the tall weeds. We've picnicked on the east side in a secluded ledge that overlooks the falls.  Notice how perfectly the arch of the bridge frames the long barn in the distance.

We combined this with Morganville Falls and a drive or bike ride along the Oatka Trail to Mumford to get a feel for the Onondaga Escarpment.

Update 9/3/03, Peggy Dibble: I know for a fact that Buttermilk Falls is on private lands and that the owner routinely has trespassers arrested. I can also confirm that a body was found (I think it was two years ago now) on the falls itself (low water). It was never determined how he died (accident or otherwise). During a dry summer, the amount of water going over the falls can all but disappear.