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Location Whiteman Gully is on Little Mill Creek in Steuben County, about 1/2 mile north of route 63 between Dansville and Wayland, N.Y. Whiteman Gully Road takes you down a steep dirt road that crosses the creek and the gully.



You can park near the bridge. The waterfalls are upstream from the road. (See Whiteman Gully - Lower for information about the main waterfall downstream.)

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Hiking Moderate. Cross the main creek and follow the left branch. The right branch is a smaller stream in which we didn't find any waterfalls. However, if the flood gates are open at the reservoir above, the right branch can have much more water in it.

We called this hike the "Energizer Bunny gully"—it just keeps on going. It's a real smorgasbord of waterfalls. We've hiked it in all four seasons and think it is absolutely beautiful every time. The long flume at the bottom is unique; we haven't seen anything like it in other gullies.

This gully was a good lesson about keeping an open mind. One of us had been visiting the main falls downstream in Whiteman Gully - Lower since childhood and had never bothered to explore upstream. When the other suggested that we try upstream, the response was, "There are no waterfalls upstream." After we repeated this interchange on several visits to the main falls, the adventurous one finally prevailed—to mutual surprise and delight.

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