Whoodoos of Cascadilla Gorge

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Cascadilla Gorge, Ithaca, NY


We found dozens of these rock piles that other visitors to the gorge had built and we left a few of our own. This is a wonderful and creative hot weather activity.

We've seen these at other waterfalls and have decided to call them "whoodoos" or waterfall hoodoos.

  • hoodoo, n. (Geology.) A column of eccentrically shaped rock, produced by differential weathering. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language
  • hoodoo \Hoo"doo\, n. A natural rock pile or pinnacle of fantastic shape. [Western U. S.] Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary

"Hoodoo" also has the meaning of an evil spell or one who casts an evil spell or something that causes bad luck. We certainly hope that there were no evil intentions by the creators of these whoodoos. We think they are harmless and transient, and they cast a spell of fun and creativity that can last for weeks as others join in with their contributions.

You can see some of our other hoodoos (geological sense) by clicking these images:

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