Eagle Cliff Falls

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On McClure Creek, a Tributary of Catherine Creek which flows into Seneca Lake Inlet, near the town of Montour Falls in Schuyler County.


This waterfall is in Havana Glen Park and there is a good trail with iron and stone stairs leading into the glen and to the base of Eagle Cliff Falls. Picknic and camping facilities are available in the park.


This is an easy hike if you are comfortable with a climb of about five flights of stairs. It is less than 1/2 mile round trip from the base of the trail and you can easily do it in less than an hour. There are several small cascades and an unusual "cement mixer" waterfall on the hike up to the main waterfall.


This is a pretty gully with lots of interesting erosion patterns in the rock ledges. You can hike right next to the creek and the walls are close and vertical. The 55 foot waterfall enters on the side of a round "room" with vertical walls. The walls are much higher than the crest of the waterfall since the creek has cut a slot through the rock leading into the glen. Two large stone pillars continue on up for more than 60 feet above the waterfall on either side of the opening. Bring your wide-angle lens for this one since you can't back too far away from the waterfall