Glenwood Creek - Cass Park Hike

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Numerous seasonal waterfall gullies flowing into the west side of Cayuga Lake in Tompkins County, NY.



7 mile walk (round trip) on abandoned railroad grade. You can cut the hike in half by leaving a car at each end of the trail.


This is an easy 7 mile hike along an abandoned railroad grade. Park at the southern end of Cass Park off of NYS Route 89 and find the trail at the base of the hill. The trail is straight and flat and increases gradually in elevation as you go north. Although the trail parallels Route 89, it is separated from the highway by thick woods and it is easy to forget that the highway is there.

In the course of the hike, you will cross approximately 25 gullies of varying sizes. In the early spring, or following a rain, each of these gullies offers cascades and small waterfalls. These gullies flow through culverts under the railroad grade.

The trail ends at Glenwood Creek where the railroad bridge over the gully no longer exists. Follow a narrow path toward the lake and cross the gully on an abandoned highway bridge just below a pretty 20-foot waterfall. Then scramble down to the Route 89 bridge which crosses the creek above the 60-foot waterfall. To see this waterfall, follow Maplewood Rd and Glenwood Rd down to the lakeside and to the back of the Glenwood Point parking lot.

Back on the highway, you can stop at the Glenwood Pines restaurant for a world famous Pinesburger and Bloody Mary.