Taughannock Falls

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This photo was shown on Earth Science Picture of the Day for 01-06-2004

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Location On Taughannock Creek, a tributary of Cayuga Lake, in Tompkins County.
Access Located in Taughannock State Park on Route 89, 12 miles north of Ithaca, NY. You can view this waterfall by walking to the base on a foot trail from the lower park, or by driving to the overlook on Taughannock Park Rd. The lower park has extensive picnic, lake swimming, and camping facilities. There may be a parking/entrance fee in the summer. There is no fee to park at the overlook or at the upper parking lot.
Hiking The walk to the base of the lower falls is on a well-maintained footpath and is an easy 1 mile each way. Allow about an hour. You can also see the falls from the overlook parking lot, or descend about 3 flights of stairs to a viewing balcony. The pictures to the left are from the viewing balcony. There are also hiking trails on the South Rim and the North Rim of the gorge. Keep on the trails at all times; this is not a toy gully and people have been killed when venturing off the trails. See our Taughannock Creek page for more information about hiking.

This is the highest waterfall in western New York with a 215 feet sheer drop. It is on a good sized stream and never fails to impress visitors, even in dry periods (as shown in the late summer photo at left).

The vertical panoramas were taken with our digital camera as four separate frames and then auto-stitched together to form the final images.

Can you find the people in the pictures?

Erosion We noticed a large piece of rock missing in our recent photos. Can you find it by comparing our summer and fall pictures? If not, see the rockfall closeup.

We've had several people (including Salit) ask us how to pronounce Taughannock. Here's our homegrown phonetic spelling:

tah-GAH-nick which rhymes with mechanic.