The Cascades of Attica

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On Crow Creek near Cascade Road in the Town of Attica, Wyoming County. Crow Creek flows into Tonowanda Creek and on into the Niagara River at Tonowanda. There are three waterfalls including one of more than 60 feet.


Unposted watershed lands of the Town of Attica. You can access Crow Creek from Cascade Rd. (County Rd. 39) about 4 miles south of Attica. Just west of the dip in the road at the Crow Creek gully you will find a gravel shoulder where you can park.


Follow a short, steep trail north from the road for about 200 yards to the top of the main waterfall. You can then scramble up the creek to see the upper waterfall by the culvert. Continue on the trail downstream for another 100 yards and then down an extremely steep slope to the bottom of the gully. You can then come back upstream up the lower falls and to the base of the main falls.


This is a beautiful waterfall, but alas, one that gets some party usage. Be sure to bring trash bags to carry out a share of the empties to help keep it beautiful.