Ruth's Waterfall

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Location On Gulf Creek, a tributary of Cayuga Lake, 5 miles north of Ithaca in Tompkins County
Access Private

No hiking needed here, this waterfall is right in our back yard. Drop us a note if you plan to be in the area and we'll send you directions. Or check out the map at Gulf Creek.


Ruth's Waterfall is a 14' cascade with a 4' cascade just upstream. It was the site of a mill in the early 19th century and the foundation is still visible. We're like parents with a new baby when it comes to this waterfall. See our photos of "Dining at the Waterfall" and "Ruth's Waterfall at Night." For some waterfall fun, see "Waterfall Food" and "Waterfall Sculpture." And be sure to check out the story of The Bridge at Ruth's Waterfall.

There are some much larger waterfalls on Gulf Creek downstream from Ruth's Waterfall.


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