Excelsior Glen

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Location Excelsior Glen is on the Finger Lakes Trail. The trail can be accessed near where the creek crosses Route 414 1.4 miles from the center of Watkins Glen (see map)



Public trail. We parked on the west side of Route 414 in an empty lot but we noticed other hikers parking along the east side of the road. The path was easy to spot as it climbed the hill from the roadside.

The hike is about 1/2 mile long and will not take more than an hour, less if you stop at the big falls and retrace your steps.

Hiking in the winter requires crampons.  The tall falls are well known to experienced  ice climbers. We could not climb directly up the falls but we were able to pull ourselves up the steep slope next to the falls.  We were rewarded with several more smaller falls in a beautiful, very secluded glen above the main falls.

Other Details This hike can be combined with the other nearby short hikes for a "waterfall extravaganza" (see also Hector Falls and Eggleston Falls).