Ruth's Waterfalls
of the Finger Lakes, Rochester, and Ithaca, NY.

What's New


Ruth's Waterfall Stamp We had some US Postage stamps made up with Ruth's Waterfall.
What is it?

Can you help us name this not uncommon stream phenomenon?

Waterfall Food

We think that Waterfall Food is good for you, and low in calories!

Waterfall Sculpture

What is Waterfall Sculpture? Is it a new art form?

Muted Sunlight

In Praise of Muted Sunlight Days… (some spent in waterfall gullies).

Ruth's Waterfalls in the News

Our website has been featured in the following newspaper articles.


"Oh Hell!" card game: Rules and and Excel spreadsheet for scoring.

Perpetual calendar (Excel spreadsheet).

Earth Science Picture of the Day

We've had photos of Taughannock Falls, Taughannock Rock Fall, Tamolitch Falls (Oregon), Comb Ridge (Utah), and Arch Canyon (Utah) published at Earth Science Picture of the Day.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

It is not a waterfall, but we had a photo published at Astronomy Picture of the Day on October 5, 2001 and December 13, 2003.

Beaver Dam Drain We installed a beaver dam drain to save a family of beavers living on the Cayuga Inlet, keeping the railroad people happy at the same time.
Trailhead Kiosk Here are detailed plans for how to build a trailhead kiosk that will last 75(?) years.