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Location Eggleston Glen is a tributary of Keuka Lake, located in Yates County.



Eggleston Point and Eggleston Glen are 11 miles south of PennYan on Rte. 54 (see map). Park along the road near where the bridge crosses the creek. Hike upstream. There is another creek just south of Eggleston; it is not Eggleston and we don't know if it has falls as well.

The hike is about 1/2 mile long and will not take more than an hour. It would be difficult to go beyond the major falls so the hike is a short one.

As is the case for most local falls, it is easier to hike straight up the streambed than to try and find the irregular paths along the sides.

Other Details This hike can be combined with the other short hikes for a "waterfall extravaganza" (see also Hector Falls and Excelsior Falls).