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Location Tannery Creek flows north off of High Tor hill just south of Naples. It runs between  Route 53 to the west and East Hill Road on the east. 

From East Hill Rd. about a mile up the hill from town, then go up and over the ridge to the south. There is a fixed cable which helps to scramble down into the gully above the large falls. Hike upstream to find several smaller falls.

You can access the lower half of the creek by taking Rte 21 through Naples until you reach the intersection of Rte 53. Follow Rte 53 for less than 1/4 mile to Tannery Road and turn  left.  This is a short road that dead ends at a town highway maintenance building.  We parked on the edge of the gravel lot beyond the salt pile and felt we would not obstruct any activity in the lot. 

There is no path to take you into the creek.  We scampered down the short but steep embankment just behind the maintenance building. 


2 hours

You can easily spend 1 1/2 hours climbing the lower half of this creek   There are several cascades and  two smaller falls that you can climb.  We climbed them in the winter with our in-step crampons. You will eventually reach a tall falls, about 75 feet. This falls is more difficult to ascend.   The hillside next to the tall falls is quite steep, hence we preferred to hike the upper half of Tannery Creek by accessing it from E. Hill Road.

Details Tannery Creek is one of our favorites.  The rock walls are varied and beautiful.  The lighting on the adjacent sloped woodlands has always been photographic, especially in the fall.  We've never encountered other people in this gully, probably because the access is less marked than the others in the area. There are three other nearby waterfall hikes that are more frequented by hikers, Conklin, Clark's & Grimes