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Location Wagener Glen is a tributary of Keuka Lake near the town of Pulteney in Steuben County. It's a little less than 5 miles south of Branchport.



Access from the bottom from Route 54A and from the top from County Rd. 78 (Pulteney-Browns Corners Rd.).

Hiking Moderate to difficult. We hiked from the bottom up to the main falls, and then above the main falls to the second falls where we were stymied by a deep pool, sheer cliffs, and rotten ice on the one possible route up steep shale ledges. We then hiked from County Rd. 78 down until we came to the top of the third (?) falls.
Details The hike from the bottom is up a pretty stream bed with lots of flat ledges reaching the base of the main falls after about 1/2 mile. The main waterfall is an impressive fifty foot cascade flowing out of a narrow slot in the 200' high shale cliffs.We scrambled up the left side on shale dust scree to a narrow and exposed ledge leading to the top of the falls. We were then in a narrow and imposing corridor between 100' cliffs leading a short distance to the second falls, about 22' high. The ice completely covered the ledges on the right side so we don't know if we could have proceeded during the summertime.

The hike from the top down started upstream from the bridge with a steep scramble down to the stream bed. Then we climbed down a series of ledges and 4' to 6' waterfalls to the crest of a 30' waterfall with sheer cliffs on both sides. From that vantage point, we could not positively state that there were no falls between #2 and #3. There is an impressive view of the glen from the cemetery on County Rd. 78.