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Location South of Dansville, N.Y. (If you miss the turn to Sugar Creek you will end up at Stony Brook!)

Private campground: Sugar Creek Glen Campground, PO Box 143, Dansville, NY 14437, 585-335-6294 .

The stretch of Sugar Creek shown in the picture to the left is between Poag's Hole and County Road 17 about 5 miles south of Dansville. 

Take Rte 36 south from Dansville.  Just 1/4 mile after you cross under interstate 390, turn right onto Poag's Hole Road.

To access the creek from the bottom of the major falls, simply follow Poag's Hole Rd until it ends at the Sugar Creek Campground. If you visit when the camp is not in use you will have no difficulty finding a place to park! (If you visit in the summer you will want to stop and ask the proprietor where to leave your car.)  The camp is not used in the winter and the trails to the first falls are easy to find.  There are trails in the woods to the north of the falls that will take you up and around  the falls so that you can proceed upstream to the smaller falls and the glen.

If you would rather access the glen and the falls from the top then take Rte 36 to Poag's Hole Road but shortly after turning onto Poag's Hole Road you will turn again onto Geiger Road (called Ossian by some maps).  Follow this road until you reach CR 49. Follow CR 49 to CR 17. CR 17 crosses Sugar Creek in less than 1/4 mile. Just beyond the creek you will see a dirt driveway on the left (east side of the road) that  leads into the woods and to an area next to the creek where you can leave your car.

Hiking Except for the wooded trail near the large falls, all of the hiking will take place in the creek.  Both large and small falls are closer to Sugar Creek camp than to CR17.

The picture shows a particularly scenic spot along the creek where we enjoyed a small deep swimming hole just below a series of smaller falls.  Our group felt and  accepted nature's invitation to stay and meditate. 

The hike from CR17 takes you downstream for approximately 1.5 miles before you encounter the large falls.