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Location About three miles west of the northern end of Canandaigua Lake. It's just west of Bristol Center off Case Road. It flows into Mud Creek, a tributary of Ganargua Creek.


This stream is marked as a New York State historical site but the gully is private property. Responsible hikers who seek permission first will usually be welcome.

Driving time Approximately 30 minutes
Hiking One hour or so.  Fairly easy to hike in the stream. 

This gully is good for beginners; it offers the variety of cascades and falls found in other gullies but it is easy to navigate, even hiking in the stream.

The historical marker said there was natural gas in the gully and it was not hard to find it about 100 feet below the falls. The smell of sulfur is fairly strong.  Take along a coffee can with the top removed and some holes punched in the bottom. Place it upside down over the vents where the gas is coming out. Wait for a few moments and then you should be able to light the gas coming out of the holes. Be sure to bring the can out with you, along with any other trash you might find.