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Location On the east side of Irondequoit Creek, just south of Empire Blvd.. 
Access From Empire Blvd. you must cross private property to reach the trails. The town maps do not give any indication of where to park so you'll have to make your own arrangements.
Hiking No waterfalls here; this is all glacial moraine. However this is a wonderful and seldom used set of hiking trails which have been buillt and are maintained by the Genesee Chapter of ADK. You can hike here at all times of the year and we've particularly enjoyed snowshoeing since there is a lot of up and down. Expect to see deer, fox, pileated woodpeckers, great blue heron, and hawks. There is a trail map at the Penfield Trails site, Rifle Range Trail (PDF), and the trails are well-blazed.
Other Details Also visit the nearby hiking trails in Irondequoit Bay East.